Marble Floor Refurbishment

Putting a shine back onto an old marble floor

We recently refurbished the vestibule of the main foyer to the South Shields Town Hall. The floor needed sprucing up for an event taking place there in early November. The pictures show the before and after look of the floor which after our treatment came up to a high shine beautifully.

The stone was a orginally laid as a chequered floor, white and black marble. In parts some of the black squares have been replaced with a slate tile, presumably because of breakages. Slate does not shine up like marble but remains a dull honed look.

The pictures show our specialist Klindex grinding and polishing machine with interchangeable heads. We can simply scrub a floor or go the whole hog and diamond grind it followed by polishing and finally buffing. The wet polish system used provides superb results. The system is clean and efficient. check out our gallery of jobs which will be updated shortly.