Solar Panels fitted to our factory

Fitting Solar Panels to Marble Arts factory

Fitting Solar Panels to Marble Arts factory

Over the week-end we have been busy fitting 12 solar panels to the South side of our factory, We have another 12 being fitted to the small roof above the digital drawing room again on the South side of the factory this week. It was rather disappointing not to be able to get the panels onto the main factory roof, unfortunately following a structural survey of the 1968 structure we found that it would not take the extra weight. With little time to get them up before the 12th December, the date when the government FiT’s tariff is being halved, we have rushed to get them on where we can. We hope the system will bring in £2,000 of income and savings per year. This roughly equates to an 11% return on our investment. This all helps us to be more eco greener and competitive in the market for granite kitchen worktops and the other wonderful stone products we make here.

We use electricity during daylight hours, for instance our factory lighting, our cutting machines and water recirculation pumps. This makes us ideal candidates for investing in solar renewable energy. Not only do we get the government payment through the MCS scheme but also by generating our own power we save on having to purchase power in daylight hours from the grid at 9.5p per kW. When we are not working, for instance at the week end, the system will generate electricity and export it to the grid at about 3p per kW.

We got Maypower Ltd. to install the system for us. They specialise in Commercial installations. Call them on 0191 374 1556 for more information.


We were asked to provide a new marble back and hearth for this firepace when the existing stone had been accidentally broken. The wooden fire surround was fixed in place and the cleint did not want to remove it, so we measured inside the frame and created the same stepped back panel that was originally there.

The client chose Maron Imperial stone which comes from Spain. This stone is petrographically classified as a limestone but is commonly known as a marble, taking a high polish.

This stone marries well with lighter brown shades, suh as Crema Marfil marble. In this instance, the dark stone clashes a bit with the dark surround – but it is close to what the customer had originally and was preferred.

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