Care and maintenance

Care and Maintenance of your stone



  • Polished granite will retain its shine for many years. It is one of the hardest surfaces and wears extremely well. To retain the polish all you need to do is regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth and remove dirt with hot soap and water. It is easily buffed up with a dry cloth. A little stone polish helps to build up the shine.
  • Should food or other stuff get stuck to the surface you can use wire wool to rub it off. This will not harm your stone as it is harder than steel wool. This method is great for removing water streaks sometimes caused by minerals left on the surface after washing down.
  • Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth but please note that certain other hard materials will scratch it. For instance granite will scratch granite.

Food and Drink Stains:

  • All our worktops are treated with stain inhibitor to protect them. This is similar to treating a carpet with Scotchguard in that spills should be mopped up at once and not allowed to sit and work their way into the stone.
  • Rolling pastry directly on granite in most cases is fine but certain lighter coloured granites will stain from the oil inherent in pastry. Best to use a pastry board with these Granites.

Hot pans

  • Granite has excellent heat resistant properties however we recommend that hot pans be placed on suitable pan mats rather than directly onto the surface. Care should also be taken to mop up spills of any hot liquids.

Cutting and Chopping

  • The hardness of granite will quickly blunt any knives used for cutting on it and the activity may cause chipping. You are advised to use a chopping board.




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